Notes from Ipswich Building Society records including extracts from [Freehold Land Society] Minute Book.

9th August 1880 FLS Sub Committee submitted plan of laying out Estate shewing 3 roads which they recommend to be named Orwell, Pearce & Stanley.
Note:  Joseph Pearce, first Secretary of FLS died 1877.

Society set building lines & value of houses to be built on estate
Derby Rd/Foxhall Rd = 15ft & minimum value of 12 pa.
Orwell/Pearce Rd/Stanley Ave = 10ft & min of 10 p.a.
Also set other conditions

The following works will be undertaken by and executed at the cost of the Society – the external fencing and gates; the divisional boundaries; the making of the paths and kerbing the same with York stone; and the construction of the roads.

FLS Minute Books record various discussions/problems in 2 months preceding ballot.

Committee had insisted on good quality kerbing to paths – York edging 1/3d per yard delivered to station.

20th September 1880. Tenders for road range 220 - 578   accepted lowest but with some concern – not unfounded.
28th October 1880.  Contractors reminded of penalties contained in conditions of specification & informed “Committee expect work to be carried out with greater despatch than is shown at present”

30th October 1880 – fencing contractor very much behind & impossible to finish in time. Given notice to terminate contract & sub committee empowered to find another.
Note: As a consequence of these problems – purchasers of plots on 18th November were not charged interest until work completed.
Total cost of land, various works & expenses 2,560. Average allotment price of 2.2s.6d a rod amounted to 3,200 giving 600 profit, this considered sufficient
Plots range in size from 113 rods price 76.10s (Plot 53 Orwell Rd) to 17 rods price 53 (Plot 12 Derby Road)

9th November 1880  Estate advertised by Society (with Plan) showing 54 plots of land available for sale to Society members.
•    A visit to [this] Estate will convince you that the Society has seldom offered a more eligible property to its shareholders.
•    It is a point of some importance that powers have been granted to construct a Tramway to the Derby Road Station and that portions of this Estate abut upon the road to be thus traversed, whilst the whole is in close proximity to the Derby Road Station and Tramway terminus.

Application by completion of ballot paper.

Ballot Details
Mechanics Lecture Hall
Thurday 18th November 1880 – half past seven o’clock precisely
Applicants to attend ballot in person or send proxy
877 applicants
54 successful – but much land not built on for some years - many plots used as allotments/market gardens. A few built houses.

Note:  Plot numbers do not equate to house numbers.

[Many thanks to Margaret Hancock for her research notes on Pearce Road and the associated roads off Derby Road, Ipswich; also to Ipswich Building Society.]
See also Street name derivations.

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