Dates in the brickwork

West End Road '88'
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'I created my own 'date mark' that is little known. In my work I had some pumping stations rebuilt, one is on West End Road near the Volvo garage, and another is tucked away in Bourne Park. The point is, I had the years of construction picked out in the brickwork on the side walls. West End Road has '88' and the other has '89' on it. Bet you didn't know that! Simon Bole' (21.1.2016)
Many thanks to Simon for drawing our attention to this 'easy to miss' dating in the brickwork.
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Bourne Park '89'
'I'm sorry that you had a wasted trip to find my building. Here is a pic and to find it on site, go in at the Wherstead Road end and in through the park gates. After a few yards, turn right and head along the path past the toilet block and towards the depot in front of you. Towards the right you will see the roof above the timber fence that surrounds it.
I'm pleased it is worthy enough to make your website! Simon Bole'

Ipswich Historic Lettering: Pumping station 3Image courtesy Simon Bole

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