Spotted opposite the Town Hall fountains in Barnsley is


The shop stands on Market Hill – the street nameplate is visible at lower right. The structure to the left is the public sculpture Crossing (Vertical) by Nigel Hall which stands opposite the shop.
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The condensed capitals stand in relief from the surrounding stonework. Clearly pollution and weathering has badly affected some of the smaller lettering. The upper part of the facade features decorated obelisks, acanthus-style brackets and squared ball finials.
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The monogram on the scrolled panel in the pediment reads '1902', although difficult to make out from the street. Suitably for a drapery shop, the triangle features much curling, rippling ribbon in stone.

Closed in 1975, Butterfield's Drapery Market on Market Hill, Barnsley, had been run from around the 1830s by successive members of both the Butterfield and Maisie familes. The premises also comprised a café where adverts once announced: 'Dainty meals served in pleasant surroundings.' Elliott in the book The Making of Barnsley (1988) states that previously the Butterfield site had 'witnessed the comings and goings of a long succession of drapery bazaars' including those belonging to John Ludlam and Henry and Joseph Clarke. It is now a bar.

The shop next door is a late 18th century building of three bays, originally The George and Dragon it is Listed Grade II.

We are sure that there are further historic lettering examples in this old industrial town in South Yorkshire, so more will follow.

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