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"I came across your website and got all I wanted [about Constantine House] – and much more. It's incredible and wonderful! So, many thanks for a cornucopia of leads to be following up on my visits to Ipswich."
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Recent updates: Cliff Brewery inkstand 1932, Upland Gate 2018, Carnsers, Corn Exchange crest, Quadling Street tramway depot, Claude Street sign, Fuchsia Row, Dove Yard, Story of Christchurch Park, Hog Highland derivation!, The Golf Hotel/Tolly Follies, Bolton Terrace 1882, New Felixstowe examples, Jewish cemetery, ICWW hydrant despoiled, Woodbridge Rd, More on A.E. Blasby, Christchurch Estate map 1735, Wolsey's bells, Christchurch Park toilets, Coprolites, Darmsden, Stop cock Henley Road, Bishop Organ Works, Station plaque, St Clement bollards
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This website is dedicated to a special project devised and developed by the artist/illustrator, Borin Van Loon. A resident of Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk in England, Borin has been photographing examples of old lettering on the walls of buildings in and around the town since the late 1990s. The galleries of images shown here reflect the transition of a very ancient town (Ipswich is the earliest continuous settlement in England, dating back to around AD600, with Ipswich ware being produced from around AD670) as it progresses through the twenty-first century. They are updated and extended regularly including non-Ipswich examples in Gallery 7.
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Grand Ipswich timeline for two thousand years of the town's history
What we've included and omitted. Progress so far.
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[Note: our background 'BUILT' image is taken from the Coo-op in Cauldwell Hall Road. The masthead is based on a feature on Grimwade's store on the Cornhill.]
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