Vestigial lettering in Ipswich

Charles Street
This page includes some of the faint traces of public (mainly trade) lettering to be found in the town. Once again, we include these because they exist, even though they may not be clearly readable at the screen resolution used on this website. Worry not: the signs are spelt out in the captions.

'H.H. NEARS LTD' (over the central bricked up entrance - note the different brick colour), with ' COACH ... BUILDERS' on either side. The close-up of the central panel (below) reveals that the capitals had a drop-shadow.

Although the lettering is not visible in this 1989 photograph (below) taken from the now-demolished Charles Street multi-storey car park (The Arboretum public house is at the left on High Street), the coach entrance appears still to be in operation, with its ramp onto Charles Street.
1989 image
Only a few yards from here is the Charles Street gate with a plaque recording the donors.

Almost not there: 'MI(?)... WAI...' Largely covered by coloured masonry paint, these ancient-looking characters are a ghost of previous businesses and previous lives. This example comes from the Buttermarket, between first storey windows above the Buttermarket Lighting Centre on the opposite side to the Past Times shop.
And then, high above the street and on the side of the old Woodplan shop, Old Foundry Road (now a restaurant - the new proprietor questioned the photographer as why he was photographing his property...). An area of red brick (pictured above) which was presumably once covered by a sign and therefore not painted cream bears the legend: '...Y(?) ROAD' and a possible '...LS' below it. We wonder if it once read 'Old Foundry Mills'? It is certainly a tall mill-type structure which once had teagle doors over the street. It really is there. [UPDATE 21.8.2012: see our 1880s map of the Courts to show the site of a 'Corn Mill' here.]

Barnes of Ipswich in Upper Orwell Street no has a page of its own.

Felixstowe Road/York Road
At the back of Lamden Gallery and framing/art shop at 137-143 Felixstowe Road (several shops knocked into one) is this mysterious cartouche, now obliterated by fawn paint: the more recently built flat-roofed extension unfortunately made this operation easy. Ghosts of characters are visible, but no words readable as yet. This sign faces up York Road to draw attention to what? A grocer, tobacconist, ironmonger at the corner shop of yore? Or just possibly, another Tolly Cobbold off licence?
See our new (2013) page Burroughes Bros devoted to this sign now that the words have become clearer.

Lamden Galleries2004 images

See the Cobbold's sign in St Peters Street for an even more vestigial sign, similar to the Globe sign.

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