From Westgate, the mouth of the Berkeley Street opposite College Street (which leads to the cathedral) has a printer's trade sign painted on the once plain brick side wall.
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Gloucester 1
There is something odd about this sign. Firstly, he brickwork repair in different colour at the top left cover most of the first word, however 'letterpress' as one word is the conventional term for the printing process. The spacing here suggests that the words beneath may have been 'letter' and 'press'. Secondly, 'Copperplate' is missing its final 'e', surely? Sitting within the the long cartouche we seems to have 'Letter Press and Copperplat'. The lower word is cut through by three windows, presumably added to the building when it was converted from a works into a residence.
A detail from the other direction shows that the 'E' is mainly still there, although the cream background cartouch appears to have been truncated:
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Gloucester 3

Also in Westgate is this lettering and crest of Britannia high up:

BUILT 1900'
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Gloucester 2
The White Lamp is shown at 45 Westgate Street in 1906 Kelly's Directory. The address had changed to 87 Westgate Street in the 1939 Kellys. It closed in the nineteen seventies or eighties. Since closure it was left to slowly deteriorate and was held up by scaffolding for many years. Trees grew within the fabric of the building and the roof had collapsed. The facade of the old White Lamp, however, was still impressive. In July 2002 work finally started to renovate the building. The facade was retained in the development but this was probably rebuilt.

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