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158 London Road
This sign breaks the 'rules' of this website several times over, yet it finds itself (as if it had sentience, which it, frankly, doesn't) included here, perhaps because of its longevity (i.e. as if had been a living being, which it isn't, obviously). It has been hanging at a jaunty angle off that shuttered shop on the junction of Surrey Road and London Road for many years.

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Boasting a shop window into the main part of the house and a matching one on the single storey extension fronting London Road, this forlorn little shop remains shut up, unloved and deteriorating. No doubt there are many Ipswich residents who can recall stopping here for a bag of sherbert flying saucers or a pack of Gold Flake and Rizlas, but how long ago?
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And so we come to the once-illuminated sign:
In a society with unprecedented levels of child obesity, plus the smoking ban in pubs, restaurants and many public spaces, would this sign be allowed today? Surely, we shall not see its like again.

[UPDATE: by autumn 2014, this building had gone.]
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Sweets & Tobacco 4Early 2016 photograph of the site

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