Claydon Hall Dairy

135 Bramford Lane
We have to credit Dave Riseborough with this example of trade lettering. Although this website has been developing since 2003 and several contributors have been scouring Ipswich and its environs for historic lettering on walls, this is the first time ( January 2010) we've seen the words:
3.1.2010. Dave writes:-
"Hullo Mr Van Loon, I very much enjoyed looking at your website.
There are some old painted signs in Ipswich which I cannot find on your website and I wonder whether you know about them. I have attached photos of them:
1. A sign for Claydon Hall Dairy on the side of a house on the corner of Bramford Lane and Hampton Road ..."
Dave also cited the Tavern Street signs of the former Wootton's the hairdresser shop (now on its own page) and provided some much improved photographs and the
fugitive Cullingham Road 'Hay & straw...' sign (with new image) - also now on its own page. Many thanks.

Claydon Hall Dairy 1-Ipswich Historic Lettering: Claydon Hall Dairy 2Images courtesy Dave Riseborough
Below is a comparison of the sign with an enhanced version.
 Ipswich Historic Lettering: Claydon Hall Dairy 4

Claydon Hall is off Church Lane, which runs uphill from Claydon village in Hall Lane. It is apparently built on the site of an ancient castle; part of the moat still remains. Presumably the cows kept on the farm provided the milk for this servery. The excellent Suffolk Heritage Explorer website (see Links). Any further information about the dairy in Bramford Lane: please use the 'email' link below.

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