'County Supply Stores', Newton Road
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Glimpsed in mid-January 2014 at 107 Newton Road, this end gable was covered with scaffolding with traces of lettering painted white on the brickwork. Weather-boarding covered this in the past as it's not been noticed until now. By 25 January 2014 the upper part has been covered up with some dark material. Eventually all was reboarded.
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A combination of different angles and the luck of the breeze moving the roofing felt out of the way revealed:
The three sections slightly enhanced:
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Here is the result of research in 2014 into 107 Newton Road. No records were found for Newton Road before 1904 (for example, in Stevens Directories for 1881, 1885 or 1894) which suggests that, although Green's Cottages at No. 80 is dated 1874 (see Named buildings list), this road was not surveyed until the early 20th century.
Entry details
Kelly's 1904
No numbering; at Felixstowe Road end: Hope, Thos. dairyman, Bateman's Villa (becomes no. 101 in 1906 edition)
Note that 'Green's Cottages' at today's no. 80 (no numbering in 1904): Mrs E. Green shopkeeper
K 1906
107 Markham, Edward grocer
First mention of 'E. Markham'
'33,'34, '35,'36


K 1937
107 Webzell, Jn. Hayward grocer
Webzell takes over
K 1938
K 1939
ditto Note: next listed (no number) is How, J.W. bldrs (works)
K 1940, '41, '43
K 1947
107 Fowkes, Cyril radio engineer;
107a Tickle, Gordon [flat above?];
then [no number] Baxter Bros. bldrs (works)

Radio engineer at 107
K 1949
107 Webber, H.J. & Co. tailors;
107a Wright, D.E.; Baxter Bros etc.
Tailors at 107
K 1952
107 Webber, H.J. & Co. wholesale and retail bespoke tailors, Tel. 78834;
107a Wright, D.E.;
111 Baxter Bros bldrs & decorators; also at 35 Parliament Road & 426 Spring Road, Tel. Ips. 78816
Builder's yard next to 107 now has a numbered address
K 1956

K 1960
107 Hammond & Terry tailors;
109 Wyard, Jack A. furniture removers (depository); 111 Baxter Bros. bldrs
The appearance of no. 109 between the shop at 107 and the builder's premises [the start of today's Wyard's removals & storage?]
K 1962-3
ditto, but 109  Tonibell-Essex Ltd. ice cream mfrs.

K 1964-5
107 James Café (James Thangamoney, propr.) breakfasts, lunches and teas;
107a Thangamoney Jas.;
109 Tonibell; 111 Baxter Bros.

Café at 107
First sighting of one of the best surnames even seen in Ipswich
K 1966
ditto but 109 T.M.C. Frozen Foods

K 1967
ditto but 109 not listed

K 1968, '69

K 1971
107 Thangamoney Jas.
K 1972
107 Fleur Boutique
Boutique at 107
K 1973

K 1975
107 Melville Thangamoney
107 residential
[No later directories found]
It is clear from the listings that E. Markham's grocery, County Supply Stores (lettered on the gable) was in business at no. 107 from c.1906 to c.1936.
The grocery shop continued for about another ten years under J.H. Webzell.

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