Orwell Road

We are indebted to Graham  Lingley, otherwise known as Racing Toast on Flickr, who also has an interest in Ipswich public signs.
Visible behind the scaffolding and partially painted-over is part of a cartouche outline and:

followed by the tops of some letters.
It might be 'J. Jones, Family Butcher, Cooked Meats and ...' or similar. Does anyone know of this location/business?
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Orwell Road advert2008 images courtesy Racing Toast
The images were taken on August 26, 2008 in Orwell Road and, no doubt have been obliterated.
Orwell Road, for those who haven't come across it, runs from the bottom of Stanley Avenue near Derby Road station up to Foxhall Road.
[UPDATE 15.12.2013: "Dear Borin, I was looking at your site and spotted Orwell Road, as we lived there I had to find where  Jones the Butchers was... Good old Google, it was on the corner of Foxhall Road, town side... the top of the roof and the window looks the same as well as the back of the house and the bush, I have a 1966 Kellys Directory that states this was a Green Grocers (314 Foxhall Road, Garrett, R.H.  Fruiterer & Florist) and my wife confirmed that it was a Green Grocers, we moved from Orwell Road  in '72. Hope this is useful Gordon (Pugh)." We're convinced; recent photograph is shown below and thanks to Gordon for the sleuthing.]
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Orwell Road 20152015 image
By 2015 an extensioncovers the lower part of the endwall. This is 314 Foxhall Road, once a shop, now a house. The painted render on the side wall may one day be removed to show the sign once more. Such is the irony of painted wall signs.

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