The Maharani
46 Norwich Road
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This tall, rather striking building was known to us as once bearing a large decorative hand-painted game and butchery sign on its east wall. The text is given on our Introduction page. The photograph of this sign is framed and displayed inside the restaurant. A version of it can be found at the top of our Lost trade signs page.
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The bressummer near the top of the gable has a carved date in its centre:
with what appears to be a carved merchant's mark in the centre. This late Victorian building doesn't seem right for a medieval merchant's mark; perhaps the 'Arts & Crafts' architectural style invited this archaic touch? It is interesting that Bettley/Pevsner (see Reading list) read this date as '1897'; who are we to argue? The building is further described: "[it] has a first-floor canted oriel and a jettied gable with carved bressumer and barge-boards ... as well as a good tiled shopfront. The tiles must be by Carter & Co. of Poole, who sign a large tiled mural of a hunting scene inside what was originally a fishmonger and game merchant's shop (two more murals have been lost).

The premises to the left boast a fine decorative plaster panel above the dormer window:
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The whole is protected from evil spirits, perhaps unusually, by a terra cotta flying fish on the apex of the gable:
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Directly opposite this restaurant is Serjeants Paints & Wallpapers shop sign.

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