Prospect of Ipswich: 1741
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Prospect Ipswich 1741
This view of Ipswich was made by Samuel and Nathaniel Buck long before the industrial age from a viewpoint near to the Stoke windmills (close to the present-day junction of Philip Road and Belstead Road). The River Gipping is to the left, then Stoke Bridge and Ipswich docks to the right – the Wet Dock and New Cut came a century later. One of the most striking features on this colourful engraving are the twelve medieval churches, from left: St Matthew, [then Thomas Seckford's 'Great Place'] St Mary-At-Elms, St Nicholas, St Mary-Le-Tower, St Lawrence, St Stephen, St Margaret, St Peter, St Mary-At-Quay, tiny St Helen (appearing behind some trees), St Mary Stoke (just below the viewer) and St Clement.
[The above illustration appeared in the Ipswich Star, 13.1.2015 accompanying a fascinating article by local historian Dr John Blatchly.]
Ipswich Historic Lettering: Prospect Ipswich Buck Bros.Courtesy Stephen Govier, Suffolk historian
Above: Samuel & Nathaniel Buck.

See also our page on Water in Ipswich for maps showing the Little and Great Gipping Rivers and the River Orwell, particularly John Ogilby's map of 1674 for the configuation of waterways shown on the Prospect above.

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