Street and house naming

Ipswich Borough Council is responsible for the creation of official addresses within the Ipswich Borough boundary. It is important that each new address is unique and avoids ambiguity to ensure that the emergency services can find the property quickly and that mail is delivered to the correct address. 
The naming and numbering process is normally carried out once Planning and Building Regulations applications have been approved by the Borough and we have received confirmation that works have commenced on site.

Ipswich Historic Lettering: Zephyr Court nameplate
Naming of new streets
Where a new development requires the creation of a new street, we will consult with the developer, ward councillors, neighbouring local authorities and Royal Mail to ensure the name is acceptable and avoids duplication with existing street names in the local area.

Ipswich Historic Lettering: 111 Bramford Road small
Numbering of new properties
For developments where new streets have been created, we will assign street numbering in a logical sequence according to the street layout. The general rule is that the odd numbers will be on the left hand side of the street, with even numbers on the right, starting from the most prominent street that they lead from. Where a new property has been created in an existing street, with no whole numbers available, suffixes will be used (e.g. 1A, 1B).
Details of the named and numbered schemes are circulated to internal departments within the Borough Council, emergency services, utility companies and Royal Mail.

Ipswich Historic Lettering: Holmwood house name
Photograph courtesy Des Pawson
House names
If you wish to give your property a name, this is acceptable as long as it is used in conjunction with the street number (e.g. Rose Cottage, 1 Any Street). Note that it is advisable to check that your chosen name is not duplicated within your street.
If the street does not have a numbering scheme, the house name will be agreed with the developer, ensuring it is not a duplication of an existing property in the street.

If your development requires street naming and/or numbering or you wish to change your house name, please get in touch with the Land Charges and Information Team using the contact details on the left of this page.
If you wish to report a damaged street name plate or you are a developer who wishes to order new street name plates please call 01473 432064 or email.

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