Map of Ipswich: c.1930
Ipswich Historical Lettering: Ipswich map 1930
This clearly shows the shapes of the railways around Ipswich in 1930.

Our thanks to Gordon Pugh for sending in a shot of this map:
"We think it dates back to around 1930. Clue: there is no Lloyds Avenue or Arch, the railway track in the Dales brick works among many other things we found."
Gordon is particularly interested in the rail bridge which carried a spur line over Ranelagh Road, east of the mainline station platforms, into Reavell & Co. Ltd foundry site (later to become Compair-Reavell and these days the Voyage housing/small business development and tower block, linked to West End Road by the new footbridge). It was a little further east of the spur which crosses Ranelagh Road on the level crossing which we still see today (although fenced on each side) and provided a line over the river, ran beside the confluence of the Gipping and Orwell rivers, beneath Princes Street, serving sidings (marked 'Goods Station', now the site of the Skate Park), crossing Bridge Street, encircling the Wet Dock via the lock and eventually running down to serve the Cliff Quay Power Station. The Reavell's site is marked 'Ranelagh Works' and the rail line runs over a bridge across Ranelagh Road, through the works to terminate near to the river bank. If anyone can remember this bridge, the line or when it was demolished, please email us.

Although 1930 sounds like relatively recent history this map reveals a very different Ipswich:
See also our page on the Ipswich-Westerfield-Felixstowe Branch Line, the Ipswich parts of which show clearly on this map.

This map forms the basis of the Freehold Land Society map of developments created by Borin Van Loon for the Ipswich Buidling Society's new branch at Mutual House.

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