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Probably the biggest section of this website. Traders have always sought to catch the eye of pedestrians, cyclists, tramcar riders, carters and drivers. Appropriate architecture (a blank wall or gable) and a favourable site for that wall (for example, projecting into the sightline at rightangles to the line of the road, or on a street corner) gave ample opportunity for this sort of promotion. For a collage of lost trade lettering, click here. Note: The Architectural features gallery includes other trade and commercial signs built into structures.

A.E. Blasby: a builder's trade sign at the top of Argyle Street.
A.A. Gibbons mills in Benezet Street
Bar Fontaine / Prince of Orange ghost lettering

Barnes of Ipswich in Upper Orwell Street – demolished 2017
The Big 'R'
: from a shopfront in Westgate Street
The Blooming Fuchsia
, now demolished, but the sign lives on
The "British Flag Stores" a vanished painted trade wall-sign from corner shop on Wellesley Road.
Brunswick Road Post Office and the 'Chas: West' lettering revealed in 2016
Burroughes Bros. Corn Flour & Meal reappearing sign, Felixstowe Road
C.J. Hawes Shoe Repairs: a ghost of a shop sign in Wherstead Road
Camden Road: a surprisingly large, obscured trade sign in suburban Ipswich.
Carrier bags advertising long gone businesses
Claydon Hall Dairy in Bramford Lane
'Cobbold's Ales & Spirits' vestige in St Nicholas Street
Confectionery Works 
Woodbridge Road, not far from the Milestone had, until May 2003, a well concealed trade sign now demolished. Also shown here: 'Bake Office' sign in Wherstead Road, and Mary's, the former hairdressers
'County Supply Stores' in
Newton Road, 'R. Markham Grocery', now covered up
Crane Co or what little is left of it
Cullingham Road
: 'CORN HAY CHAFF...' if you look carefully enough. Demolished February 2017.
The Duke Of York
public house in Woodbridge Road has engraved window lettering
Edme Bakery
Traces of traders' lettering are scattered throughout the town. A tea advertisment in Eagle Street and the large W.B. Kerridge, 'The People's Cash Tailor' lettering on Bramford Road are included here
: the huge painted sign on the back wall of the building currently housing the Robert Ransome pub, plus the ghost signs on The Assembly Rooms. Also visible from this location is the Halberd Inn lettering on McGinty's pub
Elliott Street Bakery:
a fine example of the trade lettering once so common: this was the inspiration for this website
and GER pubs in Croft Street and the Loco Men's Club & Institute nearby
Felixstowe Road
Around The Royal Oak we find several examples including J.W. How, Family Grocer, P.J. Prentice
The Globe
former public house, St George's Street has 'Cobbold's Ales & Spirits'
The Golf Hotel and the 'Tolly Follies'.
Hales Chemist
notwithstanding the lettering being painted over. Here also are the nearby Turners Buildings and a rare '1636' carving in St Helens Street
Harry Seaman
One of the first examples noted in Ipswich almost isn't there. Seaman had fine relief cartouches moulded onto the gable-ends of his property to catch the eye of the public. This has since been painted over...
Hatter, Ann Street: a poster from 1892 found in an old hat shop.
Horse & Groom, now closed, has vestigial lettering
H.W. Parker, the Victorian printing works once at 24 Fore Street; the shop front is largely unchanged today
H.W. Turner
in St Helens Street, the 'leading edge' of the building which houses Robertson's shop, Hill Farm, Henley Co., 'Emeny' Newsagent (1970s), the R.H. Kent lettering in Dove Street, plus The Grosvenor Hotel, Berners Street
Ipswich Labour Exchange enamelled sign
J. Pooley & Co.
(Ipswich) Ltd., Ranelagh Road, now a block of flats
Kersey & Co. used to boast a real carnival-style set of painted gates.
Lion's Head (now The Old Times Guest House) on Cauldwell Hall Road has 'frosted' glass  lettering
Martin & Newby
On the corner of Orwell Place and Fore Street, stands these famously lettered premises, the nearby 'Meremayd', as well as 'Palmer's Door Mats &c'
The Mulberry Tree
public house
Nestlés Milk: a huge, hidden advertisement on Bramford Road
Norwich Road
has 'Tolly Cobbold' and 'Ferodo' signs
Off licences
provide several painted brickwork advertisements; here are examples from Suffolk Road, Cemetery Road and Bramford Road
The Old Bell Inn in Over Stoke
Orwell Road, vestiges of a trade sign from 2008
Palmers Bakery, now lost on Norwich Road, also Serjeant's Wallpaper & Paint Shop and Shelley's Barber Shop signs.
Peter's Ice Cream still readable on the corrugated iron in Grimwade Street
in Wykes Bishop Street and on a warehouse in Cliff Road. Ransome Sims & Jefferies and Ransome & Rapier feature on other pages, including Stoke Hall.
The Red Lion in Bramford Road: its lost sign 'Tolly Ales'
The Rose and Crown Brewery
At the top of Bramford Road, the now-demolished 'TFL' in nearby Gaye Street, back from the corner with Benezet Street, which features in our Introduction
St Michael's Works
and The Black Barn in Bond Street which no longer exist
the Art Nouveau wonder of Dial Lane with its remarkable letterings and the revelation of its historic trade sign
Serjeants Paints & Wallpapers: a shop sign in Norwich Road uncovered by chance in 2014, also Palmers Bakery and Shelley's barber shop
Sherrington Road: Home & Industry (Contractors) Ltd sign and Broomhill Pool
Shortis Motorist's Discount Store, formerly Motormania
S. Wilson cutler in Upper Orwell Street, through the ages.
The Spread Eagle: and street nameplates for Eagle Street and Fore Street.
The Sun Inn
: one of the gems of old Ipswich, with interior photographs
Sweets & Tobacco, still hanging on at the junction of Surrey Street and London Road
Symonds for Kodaks
Upper Brook Street, the 'Sennitt's' lettering and an Alfred Coe sign in Carr Street
Tavern Street
has The Great White Horse, Croydon's and Midland Bank
Temptation gates at Major's Corner: a much opened and closed Chinese restaurant; also the lettered 'SB' gates in Orwell Place
Uncle Tom's Cabin, a public house in Over Stoke which bears lettering and a brewery monogram
Unicorn Inn on Orwell Place and and the Unicorn Brewery on Foundation Street, also the story of the brewery's use by the Talbot Mineral Water Co.
V.A Marriott
on Handford Road, in business since 1895, now demolished
Vestigial lettering
found in Charles Street, Buttermarket, Old Foundry Road, Upper Orwell Street and Felixstowe Road
Wiggin & Son chemist and pharmacy was one of the well-known shops in St Matthews Street since 1840 – we celebrate the much-lettered shops here
Woolworth's: the ghost of a shop sign in a bleak car park.
Wootton's the hairdresser a vestigial riot of resonant words in Tavern Street
Wootton's 'Try Woottons Cure For Corns': a huge, hardly noticed trade sign in Camden Road

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